Winterize Your Home With This Handy Checklist

Alberta clippers, polar vortexes, and nor’easters are on the way. Will it be another snowmageddon or a snowpocalypse? A Snowtastrophe? Complete snownihilation? However your news station decides to characterize this year’s somehow-record-breaking winter season, one thing is certain: we are sure to get weather. With that said, it’s important to remember to properly winterize your home, otherwise you may run into trouble sooner than you’d like as the snow thaws. Here are a few things to keep in mind before hibernation really sets in.

Steps to Winterize Your Home

  • Don’t ignore ice dams! Make sure roof and gutters are clear of debris before winter hits, and check for ice buildup throughout the season.
  • If possible, keep the foundation of your house clear of snow. Especially around basement windows or stairways that are more susceptible to water damage/leakage etc.
  • Store outdoor furniture somewhere dry and protected from the elements. If you have to leave them equipment outside, use a tarp to keep moisture away.
  • Help heat your home as efficiently as possible. You can keep blinds or curtains open to allow sunlight to provide some warmth (also a great source of vitamin D). At night, close them again to help against any drafts. The less strain on your heater the better. Those with ceiling fans, set them to clockwise to push the hot air down.
  • Check that all your fire alarms and CO2 detectors have fresh batteries. We’ll be spending a lot more time indoors with windows shut and heat cranked, perhaps by a fireplace, and accidents can always happen, it’s in their nature. Have a warning system and exit plan both in place.
  • Be prepared. It’s rare for a year to go by without some whopper of a storm. In case of power outages, or interruption to our water supply, stock up on candles, matches, and bottled water; extra blankets; First Aid Kits.

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