London Community News – February 2024

2024 Lifestyle Home Show

Over 55 Skills At Work - Associates at Lifestyle Homeshow

Our thanks to everyone who came out to support us at the Lifestyle Home Show, January 26-28 at the Western Fair District Agriplex. “Our team was delighted to showcase our expertise in home repairs, renovations and maintenance – as well as our unique employment program designed for adults age 55+,” says Rodofo Martinez (Executive Director, Over 55 Skills At Work). The show attracted more than 8,000 visitors. We’re grateful to our dedicated team who helped to “get the word out” at two booths we had at the show.

Over 55 Skills At Work - Employment Program at Lifestyle Homeshow

Trusted Since 1986.

Over 55 Skills At Work is best known for its Associate program. We match requests for home repairs to one of our experienced members, in areas ranging from small fixes to full renovations and support services such as housekeeping and personal organization.

We frequently receive calls from our loyal customers, and are proud of the great work that our Associates do. Here is one recent success story:

A client recently called as they had an issue and required a storm door to be installed. Installing a door might sound like a simple job, but it is the kind of thing that you want to have done by an experienced professional to avoid any issues down the road.

This job was referred to Brian Fast, an experienced handyman and long-term service provider with our organization. After the job was done, the client called to say what a great job Brian did of installing his storm door. He said Brian was professional, arrived ready to do the job, knew what he was doing, and completed the work in a timely manner.

This client said he would be recommending Brian to all his neighbours, and would not hesitate to have him back to do more repairs. He also stated that Over 55 Skills at Work provides a great service to people of London.

Remember, if you need help with a home repair, you can reach us at (519) 438-1111 and let us know how we can help.

Valuing Experience – A Success Story

In our January newsletter we introduced you to Vicki Mayer, Program Coordinator, for Valuing Experience; an Over 55 Skills At Work program that connects mature job seekers with employers.

This month we’d like you to meet Tunde, a program participant. Before coming to us, Tunde sent out 150 resumes in the London area, and didn’t get a single interview. But his determination has paid off. Tunde completed his certification as a Personal Support Worker, and with the assistance of our team, he secured a job with the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON).

What services did you avail yourself of in the program?

Tunde: They helped me with resume writing, and they helped me understand the importance of computers. I learned how to put all my information on one page and they assisted me in using it for the job search. They taught me about transferable skills and how to take credit for what I had learned.

What was your experience with the program; how did it help you?

Tunde: I  was able to think deeper and focus on all I could do. I learned to take what I am doing now and project it toward what I could do with my future. It allowed me to interact with people with diverse backgrounds and experience.  The positive attitude of the staff helped me remain positive.

How did the program help you in terms of your current job?

Tunde:  I applied for two and got both, but  accepted this position as it is a permanent position, included medical benefits and assists me in meeting my financial obligations. Over 55 assisted me in applying for,and getting to the interview.

What would you say to people who are interested in accessing Valuing Experience?

I would tell them to move forward “with speed”.

Working Beyond Retirement

Health, lifestyle and financial considerations are explored in a recent Statistics Canada report on when and why people decide to retire from their job. “Among people who had not completely retired but were planning to retire, more than half (55.1%) reported that they would continue working longer if they could work part-time, and about half (48.9%) reported that they would continue working if they could work fewer hours without affecting their pension,” cites the report. For more information visit: Majority of people planning to retire would continue working longer if they could reduce their hours and stress  A recent online news article also highlights how the high cost of living forced a Nova Scotia senior to postpone her retirement plans. You can check it out at: ‘It doesn’t look pretty’: N.S. woman plans to return to work at 77 amid high living costs

Romance Scams

February is, of course, the month when we celebrate Valentine’s Day. But it also serves as a timely reminder to be aware of romance scams. According to the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre, last year these scams cost a reported 945 victims more than $50 million, meaning each person lost an average of $53,000. Here are some online red flags according to the CAFC. 

  • When someone you haven’t met in person professes their love to you.
  • If the person wants to quickly move to a private or different mode of communication like email, text, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts, etc.
  • If you receive poorly written or oddly phrased messages, or if they sometimes address you by the wrong name.

For more tips and information visit the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre website: CAFC – Romance Scams
Also, you can check out this article about a Canadian investigative journalist’s experience with tracking down romance scams. Romance scammer reveals how he tricks women after failing to fool Go Public reporter

New London Police Community Engagement Centre

Over 55 Skills At Work - Newsletter - London Police Service - Masonville Community Engagement Centre

London police have launched a new service inside Masonville Mall. The Community Engagement Centre is a pilot project, designed to work with residents on a number of fronts. This includes hosting sessions in crime prevention education, recruitment, as well as answering questions from members of the public. The Centre is open weekdays from noon until 3 p.m.

Until next month, we hope that you stay happy and healthy!

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