How To Get Involved in Your Community

Volunteering for community is beneficial at any age. Helping out your community not only benefits your neighbourhood but also helps you to feel accomplished. There are so many places in London and the surrounding area that could always use the extra helping hand. Here are some ways that you could help.

  1. Volunteer at London Libraries

Libraries around London are always doing events for children and students. Volunteers are consistently wanted. You could spend an afternoon in the library reading to families and children and make their day. This volunteer program is called R.E.A.D volunteer. If children aren’t your cup of tea you are also able to volunteer to work with adults. This program is called one-on-one mentors. You can find the application for both volunteer opportunities here.

  1. Give Your Input on City Projects

Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually help your community without even leaving your house? Well you can! Not many people are aware but you can actually give your input for projects happening or that are planning to happen in London. The city of London has multiple projects that you can give your input on, from child

ren activities, to waste management and transit projects. Your opinions truly help those who are planning the these services and programs. All you have to do is to fill out a survey and the rest is a piece of cake! You can do it while you enjoy breakfast or right before bed. Knowing you are helping your community without even having to get step outside is a great feeling!

  1. Gardening

Call your local public park and see if they need gardening done. Most of the time they will even purchase all the flowers for you! You can invite some of your friends and create a gardening club. Not only are you practicing one of your hobbies but you are making your community more beautiful! That sounds like a win-win in my books.

  1. Donate Your Resources

Have clothes in your closet you haven’t reached for in awhile? Maybe some extra pots and pans that always go unused? There are so many organizations in London that could use the help. Here are a few that you could donate to:

  1. Shop Locally

I can’t stress this enough! Go to local farmers markets and festivals! You will get the best food and the best handmade knick-knacks. A few that I absolutely love going to are the Western Fair Farmers Market, open every Saturday from 8-3, Covent Garden Market, open 8-7 everyday except on Sundays their hours are 11-5. Supporting local vendors really helps out your community and promotes more local growth. Now, it’s your turn! 

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