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10 Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrade Ideas to Increase Your Resale Value

If you’re looking to sell your home or increase its value, here are 10 kitchen and bathroom upgrade ideas that could increase your resale value. Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled a list to help set you on the right path and give some inspiration for your upcoming project.

Kitchen Renos

A great kitchen is huge when it comes to resale. However, the current state of your kitchen can help as a guide when planning any renovation projects. 

  1. Don’t just replace all your cabinets because they’re old. You may be able to dramatically improve your cabinetry with paint and new hardware. Opt for neutral colours and stainless steel to appeal to most. Stay away from bright and loud colours which may turn off some buyers. Light greys and creams are likely to appeal to the majority.
  2. Replace old flooring with hardwood or neutral tile. If your kitchen still has linoleum you definitely want to make flooring a priority! Buyers want to see a modern looking floor that will last. 
  3. Replace old appliances with stainless steel models. A modern fridge and stove will make a strong first impression, and potential buyers will appreciate the energy efficiency. Match it with the countertop appliances and lighting fixtures to pull a sleek, modern look together. 
  4. Replace old countertops with granite. There’s not much you can do to spruce up old countertops, so if they’ve seen better days, it’s best to replace them. If you’re going to invest your time and money into a new countertop, choose something solid like granite that’s going to be long-lasting and get the approval of buyers.
  5. Increase counter and drawer space if there’s room. Extra storage and counter space is always desirable in any kitchen. If there’s lots of floor space you can add an island, or if you have a lot of wall space, then add a new shelving unit.

Bathroom Renos

Although small compared to the rest of the house, bathrooms are important to buyers. You can do a whole reno or just add some small details depending on your budget. 

  1. Does your house only have one bathroom? Consider installing a second bathroom or half bath. Can you add an ensuite? These upgrades are crucial if you’re looking to sell for more.
  2. Change up the flooring to a neutral tile or opt for heated flooring. 
  3. Upgrade your old tub or reglaze it for a like-new look. Consider the shower interior – you can modernize it by installing a beautiful tile and a waterfall showerhead.
  4. Change up your vanities by replacing them with units with glass doors. You can even add some frosted tint to soften the appearance of the room. Along with the vanity, don’t forget about the sink and faucet. Instead of the standard sunken sink, try a unit that can accommodate a vessel sink.
  5. Replace your shower doors with new glass and hardware. If you have a shower curtain you can install shower doors for a fresh and updated look. 

Hopefully this article inspires you to update your kitchen and bath!

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