Over 55 Successfully Partners With Neighbourhood Watch!

After a couple of months of intense negotiating, Over 55 Skills at Work has successfully partnered with Neighbourhood Watch London. The embattled community safety program was facing severe funding cuts, leaving its fate uncertain. Our very own Rodolfo Martinez saw an opportunity to help, recognizing the important role Neighbourhood Watch plays within the community. Boasting over 460 chapters and over 22,000 households, Neighbourhood Watch is a strong presence in the Forest City.

As part of the new agreement, Over 55’s board of directors will assume management of Neighbourhood Watch. This will allow them the opportunity to regroup and prepare to vote for a new board during the summer. Some changes to membership are required, as well as streamlining the in-house voting process by creating ward representatives to oversee the current chapters. More than anything, Over 55 wants to see Neighbourhood Watch back up on its feet again.

“We felt that we had to do this because neighbourhood safety and a sense of community still matter,” Martinez says . “For communities to feel involved and engaged, organizations like Over 55 and Neighbourhood Watch play an important role by providing networks and outlets that encourage a sense of empowerment. This partnership is a great example of how communities extend a helping hand when they see others in need.”

Over 55 looks forward to this new partnership. We’re excited to continue bringing communities together, and to explore opportunities for further growth and engagement throughout London!

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