OTF Funding Received

Written by Over 55

April 20, 2017

Over 55 Skill At Work - OTF Grow Grant Received

Thank You OTF!

For over 30 years, Over 55 has operated as one of London’s oldest social enterprises. We support entrepreneurs age 55+ who offer a variety of services, including home repairs, cleaning, transportation, and more. To date, our Associate Members have served over 25,000 clients in London and area, many of which are seniors themselves.

While we have had many successes throughout our history, now is the time to grow and diversify our organization. Seniors have long been ignored by key initiatives, and in particular senior entrepreneurship has not been considered high priority. We are grateful that the Ontario Trillium Foundation has recognized the need for a solution in our community. With the valuable support of the OTF, we aim to scale our current social enterprise so that we can create more senior entrepreneurs in London.

Additionally, we have identified diversity as a strategic focus. Over 55 will be working with the Canadian Latin American Association to recruit new, diverse Associate Members, and in addition we will seek to add more female members to our organization. We will also be working towards using our business model to help combat senior poverty, by connecting our members 55+ to flexible, short-term, self-employment opportunities.

We would like to thank the Ontario Trillium Foundation for seeing the value of Over 55, and recognizing the economic impact that our seniors can still contribute to our community. We hope that you will support us as we launch this exciting project. Thank you.

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