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London Community Newsletter – Fall 2023

Welcome to fall! It’s a busy time of the year as students return to class, and we dive into those yard and garden cleanup projects. We hope you have a safe and happy autumn.

Back to School Safety Tips

London police are reminding motorists to slow down and be alert for children heading to school. There will also be an increased police presence on the roads to ensure safety. Police are reminding parents to make sure safety is top of mind for their children. 

  • Establish the safest route to school or the bus stop
  • Encourage children to stick to the route and avoid short cuts
  • Always walk on the sidewalk or away from the roadway

London police are also reminding parents to make sure their children are cyber safe. 

  • Have age appropriate conversations about digital use with children
  • Establish your household expectations about things like text messages, location information sharing, etc.
  • Explore parental controls to monitor what children can access through device management programs such as parental controls

For more safety information visit Back to School Safety Tips

Fraud Awareness

Sneiors & Fraud Webinar - Presented by Over 55 and Neighbourhood Watch London

We’ve all been following the news about the wildfire situation in Yellowknife, Kelowna and other parts of Canada.  But the Canada Revenue Agency wants us to be careful not to fall victim to fraudsters. Here’s a recent tweet from the CRA. 

The CRA also wants us to be aware of other scams that are circulating, including fraudsters sending text messages and emails related to the Grocery Rebate.

For updated fraud warnings visit: CRA Fraud Warnings 

In the news….

A Windsor man says he fell victim to an online trading scam. According to a report on CTV Windsor, the man got a phone call from a so-called investment firm, asking if he “wanted to make money.” After giving them funds, he later noticed that his line of credit and his VISA account had been accessed. For the full story, click here:

Windsor man says he lost $75,000 in online trading scam | CTV News

An Oakville senior also recently fell victim to the bank inspector scam. This type of fraud has been around for a while, and often involves the victim getting a phone call from someone purporting to be from their bank. The victim is then asked to withdraw money in the guise of “helping” the fraudster uncover financial misdoings at the bank.  

Ontario senior loses $16,500 to bank investigator scam | CTV News

London Neighbourhood Decision Making

Do you have a great idea for a neighbourhood improvement project? The City of London wants to hear from you. Applications are being accepted until September 29th for Neighbourhood Decision Making 2023. The city is making available $250,000 for projects designed to enhance neighbourhoods across the city.  This could include anything from streetlights to playground upgrades. For more information and to submit an application go to the City of London website. 

Get Involved London 

Fall Cleanup

The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and for many of us that means yard cleanup. According to the U.S.-based Aurora Health Care enews, an estimated 143,000 Americans end up in hospital emergency rooms each year from an injury related to caring for their lawn. To stay safe while doing yard work this fall, here are some tips:

  1. Do not twist your body while raking. For example:
    1. Use your legs to shift your weight rather than your back.
    1. Avoid throwing leaves over your shoulder or to the side, which can cause twisting and muscle strains in your back.
  2. Use the right-sized rake for your height and strength.
  3. Warm up with some light stretching for 10 minutes prior to raking.

For the more yard cleanup safety tips visit:

10 Tips For An Injury-Free Fall Cleanup

And finally……

A Cambridge OPP officer got more than he bargained for during a routine traffic stop on the side of the highway last month. While stopping a driver, a kitten emerged from the nearby tall grass and sat at the officer’s feet. The driver was given a warning, and the kitten was rescued.

Until next newsletter, we hope that you stay safe and healthy.

– Sincerely, the Over 55 & Neighbourhood Watch London Team

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