Staying Active Year Round

Written by Over 55

August 13, 2018

Working out and staying active is important through all walks of life. The most difficult thing about it can be sticking to a routine. I know that when it is sunny and hot outside I would rather be by the beach or my pool than working out. Then in the winter it is so cold and outside that working out does not really cross my mind all that much. Before you know it a whole year has gone by and you have had less than a handful of workouts completed. Well if this is you, this is the right article for you to be reading. I am gonna show you tips and tricks to help keep you active all year round.

Change Your Environment

Exercising is always good for you but doing the same exact routine can get boring for you and your body will get bored too. When your body gets into an exercise routine it will get used to that routine being the normal and your results will take a plateau. One of the best parts of living in London Ontario is that we get all 4 seasons throughout the year.This makes changing up your workout environment and schedule a pretty simply thing to do. In the winter some activities you can do are snowshoeing, cross-country or downhill skiing. In the spring and fall you have so many options; biking, walking in the park, outdoor circuits, rollerblading, and hiking. In the summer the best thing to do is workout in the morning or evening because of the heat. Early morning strolls in the park or water aerobics are the best choice. So you don’t have to completely change your workout routine but find activities you like to do and go out and have some fun.

Get a Workout Buddy

Sticking to a workout routine can be tough but if you have someone to stay motivated with it makes everything a lot more enjoyable for you. You can motivate and help keep each other on track. If you workout by yourself it is a lot easier for you to cancel a scheduled workout or to just not go at all. When you have a workout partner you feel obligated to go which can be annoying at times when you you are not in the mood, but it is good in the long run and for your health. Your workout buddy could even be a furry friend. So grab a buddy and get to it!

Create a Schedule… and Stick to it

It takes 21 days to form a habit. If you go to the gym 2 times a week for three months it is much better than going everyday for 2 weeks and then never going again. The most important thing about living a healthy lifestyle is that you need to make it a habit, something that you always have time for. So if it means that you need to start slow and work your way up that is alright! I recommend trying to aim for 2-3 times a week to start, give or take depending on your workout goals. Blocking out more than enough time for working out will help you stick to your goals and motivate you to go. Here is a website you can check out for free workout schedule templates. I know that once I put a workout in my phone calendar and get an alert that it is time to go to the gym. I usually will feel more than guilty to skip out and stay on the couch so I get my butt in gear and head to the gym.


We all know that working out has so many health benefits for you. My favourite part of working out is the all the endorphins that it releases, you get an immediate benefits after your workout. Here is an article that has more scientific research about endorphins. If you go into the gym in a bad mood I can almost guarantee that you will leave in a better mood then when you came in. So make that your daily motivation to go to the gym. If you ever wonder how all those athletes and fitness experts stay motivated, the energy is definitely how they stick to their routines. So never let being too tired be an excuse to skip the gym.

When you are passionate about what you are doing you will stick with it that much more. So find what you are passionate about, and stick to it. When you get bored, change it up. Switch your environment, grab a buddy and create a schedule. It will be easier than ever to stick to your healthy living routine. Good luck!

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