October 2020 Newsletter

What’s New at Over 55:

Fall is here! And with the arrival of the cooler weather, it’s time to turn our thoughts to those fall projects you may have been considering. Although the pandemic has meant challenges to the way things are done, it’s still important to keep on top of maintenance projects. And Over 55 Skills at Work is here to help. Please contact us at o55.ca for more information about the services that we provide. If you’re working on a “to do” list, here’s some advice that you may find useful.

COVID-19 and Halloween

The pandemic has raised questions and concerns among families about trick-or-treating this year. Recent media reports include comments by Mayor Ed Holder and Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Chris Mackie, which highlight considerations in planning for Halloween. Neighbourhood watch London has put together a special Halloween guide, which you can read here: NWL COVID-19 Halloween Tips

Goodbye Summer!

Decluttering things that may have accumulated over the summer is a good way to welcome the fall. It may seem overwhelming, but here are a few tips to getting started:

  • Donate warm weather clothes that didn’t see the sun this year.
  • Take the time to go through your garage while the weather is still warm
  • Recycle summer magazines you’re holding onto “just in case” for things like recipes.
  • Recycle boxes that may be lying around from online orders.

Lawnmower Maintenace

It’s almost time to park the lawnmower for the winter. And it’s easy to forget about the mower once it’s back in the garage. But here are some tips to help ensure that it will be in smooth running order when you need it again in the spring.

  • For Gas Mowers: Drain the gas at the end of the mowing season. Old gas is one of the main reasons a mower won’t start at the beginning of the season.
  • Clean out the undercarriage. Caked grass can clog the discharge chute.
  • Change the spark plug every year to ensure an easy start.
  • For Gas and Riding Lawnmowers: Consider a professional tuneup and routine maintenance, including a diagnostic test.

Eavestrough Cleaning

It’s important to make sure that your eavestroughs and clean and in good shape BEFORE the snow and ice hits. Otherwise, you could experience costly damage such as:

  • Roof damage: When clogs cause flooding, it could produce rot on the roof.
  • Pests: Clogged eavestroughs can be an appealing nesting site.
  • Garden Bed Damage: Excess water spilling from clogs can damage plants over time.
  • Foundation Damage: If water overflows and pools along the foundation, it can freeze and possibly generate cracks, leading to serious damage and expensive repairs.

Eavestroughs are often out of reach and working at heights can be extremely dangerous for untrained individuals. Be sure to contact us for a quote on eavestrough cleaning if you need help.

A Special Note From London Police Service Regarding Increased Bank Fraud

Be aware of recent reports of personal banking fraud. Here’s how the scam works: The victim is approached by someone who says they’ve lost their wallet or phone. The suspect asks for assistance, sending a fake electronic fund transfer to the victim. The victim is convinced to withdraw cash from an ATM, and hands the money over to the suspect. After the suspect has left the area, the victim realizes they have been defrauded. In another scenario, the victim is asked to deposit a cheque by the suspect into their personal bank account and turn over the money to the suspect. The victim later discovers the cheque was fraudulent.

“The London Police Service would like to remind the public that agreeing to withdraw funds from a bank account for a stranger is very risky, and usually ends up in a situation where the victim loses money. Any time someone wants to use your personal bank account for their benefit, it comes with great risk and should be avoided to protect the integrity of your bank account and personal finances” according to the London Police website.

Canine Kudos!

Here’s another great note from our friends at Neighbourhood Watch London: Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes they have four legs! London police dog Koda, is being credited with helping the Canine Unit catch a stolen vehicle suspect. The vehicle had been taken from south London residence September 28th. Police tracked down the van, and as they approached the vehicle, the suspect fled into an alley. Koda led police to a man hiding inside a large garbage dumpster. The suspect has been charged with theft over $5000.

Until next month, we hope that you stay safe and healthy.

The Over 55 London Team






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