Community Development Researcher – JCP

***Before applying, please read the following:***

JCP (Job Creation Partnership) positions are government funded and as such have a special set of requirements. Please DO NOT apply if you do not meet the following requirements:

  1.  You are a permanent resident of Canada (your Social Insurance Number cannot begin with a 9 if you intend to apply for this position)
  2. You are actively receiving EI benefits, have made an EI claim that ended in the last 3 years, or an EI parental or maternity benefit claim that ended in the past 5 years.
  3. You are willing to accept a wage of $423 per week – compensation is set by this government program and cannot be adjusted.

Duties and Description:

This position is a maximum of 42 weeks, non-renewable.


A university degree, and 1 year relevant experience.

Role Summary:

The community developer is a new role that with support from Over55 management will work to identify issues of senior’s isolation and develop an action plan that will involve volunteers, community partners and community members. This individual will work closely to provide community development support to Neighbourhood Watch London.

Key Milestones:

– Develop an outreach plan to connect with community agencies supporting seniors and those who are isolated

– Work with partners to identify variables impacting isolation, in particular seniors isolation

– With support from Over 55, identify how to best measure isolation in a senior population

– Work to produce a background research paper identifying causes and drivers of isolation in seniors

– Work with Community agencies to identify scale and scope of isolation

– Develop a plan to survey neighbourhoods through online and at community meetings

– Assemble data and reports