Business Support Analyst – JCP

***Before applying, please read the following:***

JCP (Job Creation Partnership) positions are government funded and as such have a special set of requirements. Please DO NOT apply if you do not meet the following requirements:

  1.  You are a permanent resident of Canada (your Social Insurance Number cannot begin with a 9 if you intend to apply for this position)
  2. You are actively receiving EI benefits, have made an EI claim that ended in the last 3 years, or an EI parental or maternity benefit claim that ended in the past 5 years.
  3. You are willing to accept a wage of $423 per week – compensation is set by this government program and cannot be adjusted.

Duties and Description:

This position is a maximum of 42 weeks, non-renewable.


A related University degree, and 1 year relevant experience.

Role Summary:

This role is a new role dedicated to assisting with research and building business plans/cases and assessing the feasibility of each new Over 55 Skills At Work priority project.

Key Milestones:

– With support from Over55 management research current trends impacting seniors in the London community
– With support from Over55 management helps to translate strategic goals and objectives into action items, with clear deadlines and areas of responsibility Develops a plan to assess new business lines
– Connects with the City of London planning department to understand existing and future plans for an Age Friendly London
– Connects with London Middlesex Community Housing and attends community meetings to understand needs of seniors living in social housing
– Connects with Poverty Research Council at King’s College to understand impact and needs of seniors living in poverty and how to translate these into business lines
– Develops an environmental scan for 3 new potential business areas including villages concept, a project with London Middlesex Community Housing, and a co-housing program
– With consultant develops a full business plan for each priority area and investigates project feasibility With consultant, identifies potential partners, stakeholders and sources of funds for each project
– With consultant identifies how to assess project feasibility With Over55 management, develops budget for each priority area
– Develops a risk mitigation plan for each priority area
– Develops timelines and action plans
– Assesses feasibility of each priority area
– Develops budget for each priority area in conjunction with accounting coordinator